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Diana Vreeland, 1903–1989 (French-American magazine editor and fashion journalist)

* Wikipedia gives at least two different dates of birth for Diana Vreeland (29/7/1903 and 29/9/1903) and her birth certificate gives another (29/12/1903), but the certificate is dated 2 October 1903. Clearly the December date is an impossibility: the clerk made a mistake and should have written "29 September," which is the date specified in her birth notice published in The Times [London, England] on 2 October 1903.

Many thanks to Marc Brun for acquiring the birth certificate for us!

Vreeland is a fashion icon: Neptune on her Ascendant rules Jupiter in Pisces on her MC. From 1936 until her resignation in 1962, she ran a column for Harper's Bazaar called "Why Don't You?". She was editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine from 1963 until 1971. Vreeland advised First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in matters of style and she is credited with inventing the word "pizzazz."

Neptune on the Ascendant can also bring confusion about the circumstances of a person's birth but in Vreeland's case the mystery surrounding her date of birth has now been solved!


BIRTH DATA: Diana Dalziel, 29 September 1903, 22:30 (10:30 PM) (-0:09:20), Paris, France (48n52, 02e20). ASC: 12 Cancer. RR: AA (birth certificate in hand). SOURCE: Birth certificate obtained by Marc Brun, dated 2 October 1903 and mistakenly stating date of birth as 29 December. Date of birth confirmed by her birth notice found by Sy Scholfield in The Times, 2 October 1903, p. 1: "DALZIEL.--On the 29th ult., at 5 Avenue de Bois de Boulogne, Paris . . . a daughter."

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