Sunday 8 May 2016

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, 1915–2006 (German-British soprano and voice teacher)

* Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf was among the foremost singers of lieder, and was renowned for her performances of Viennese operetta. She starred in five feature films for Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, in which she acted, sang and played the piano. After retiring from the stage in 1971, she was a voice teacher internationally. Schwarzkopf died in her sleep during the night of 2–3 August 2006 at her home in Schruns, Vorarlberg, Austria, aged 90. Her reputation has remained tarnished by what seems to have been an active Nazi party membership.

BIRTH DATA: Olga Maria Elisabeth Friederike Schwarzkopf, 9 December 1915, 16:00 (4PM) CET (-1), Jarocin, Poland (51n59, 17e31). ASC: 23 Gemini. RR: A (From memory). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield cites an account of her birth written by her father: "Der 9. Dezember 1915 Nachmittag ca. 4h wurde unsere Elisabeth geboren, in Jarotschin, Breslauerstr. 7, im 2. Stock, in dem grossen Schlafzimmer, das nach der Strasse zu lag..." Translation: 'On 9 December 1915 at four o'clock in the afternoon our Elisabeth was born in Jarotschin, Breslauerstr. 7, 2nd floor, in the large bedroom, which faced the road...' (The account is quoted from the newsletter of Schubertiade Schwarzenberg/Hohenems, December 2015) [].

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