Tuesday 3 November 2015

Elvira Pagã, 1920-2003 (Brazilian vedette, actress, singer, writer and painter)

* Elvira Pagã was the first Rio Carnival Queen, the first woman to wear a bikini in public, and one of the first women to have cosmetic surgery in Brazil. Talented and controversial, she broke the status-quo and faced the reigning "machismo" with fearless audacity during the Brazilian military dictatorship and the revolutionary 1960s, where she lived with determination and courage. Pagã retired from public life, wrote and painted in her later years, dying a recluse on 8 May 2003, aged 82, in Rio de Janeiro.

BIRTH DATA: Elvira Olivieri Cozzolino, 6 September 1920, 06:00 (6am) BZT2 (+3), Itararé, São Paulo, Brazil (24s07, 49w20). ASC: 4 Virgo. RR: B (from biography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes from "Uma Mulher Chamada Elvira PagÃ" by Thiago De Menezes (Clube de Autores, 2010), p. 18: "Elvira nasceu no dia 06 de setembro de 1920 às 6:00 horas. Foi a terceira filha do casal José Cozzolino, um descendente de italianos nascido nos estados Unidos, mais precisamente no Brooklin e de Regina Maria Olivieri, natural de Castro, Paraná... nasceram em Itararé."

Translation: Elvira was born on 6 September 1920 at 6:00 am. She was the third daughter of the couple José Cozzolino, a descendant of Italians born in the United States, more precisely in Brooklyn, and Regina Maria Olivieri, born in Castro, Paraná ... born in Itararé.

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