Wednesday 6 May 2015

Madame Fraya, 1871-1954 (French chiromancer)

* Madame Fraya (born Valentine Dencausse) was probably the most famous chiromancer in Paris during the first half of the 20th century.

Her clients included important French artists and politicians of the time, such as the Princess of Saxe-Meningen (sister of emperor Wilhelm II of Germany), to whom she reportedly predicted World War I and the defeat of Germany. She was subsequently called into the French Ministry of War, where she assured the government that the marching German troops would not reach Paris (they were in fact stopped at the First Battle of the Marne).

The abilities displayed by Valentine Dencausse were studied by prominent scientists such as Alfred Binet, Eugene Osty, and Albert von Schrenck-Notzing.

She died on 16 February 1954 at 12:30pm in Paris.


BIRTH DATA: Marie Marguerite Cécile Clotilde Valentine Dencausse, 20 May 1871, 22:00 (10PM) LMT (+0:01:12), Villeneuve-de-Marsan, France (43n5338, 0w1819). ASC: 3 Capricorn. RR: (from birth record on file). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes birth certificate N° 12 in the Landes archives (p. 5), noting however that she states her birth data as 21 May 1871 at 11pm in "Une voyante à l'Élysée: Madame Fraya" by Simone Dupont de Tervagne (Éditions Garancière, 1984), p. 21: "Je suis née sous le signe des Gémeaux, à onze heures du soir, le 21 mai 1871, à Villeneuve-de-Marsan, dans les Landes. Mon nom véritable est Valentine Dencausse."

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