Friday, 28 November 2014

Baccio Bandinelli (Italian Renaissance sculptor, draughtsman and painter)

* Pluto and its sign Scorpio are associated with intense jealousy. Baccio Bandinelli had Pluto in Scorpio opposite his Ascendant (smack-bang on his 7th cusp) ruling the Sun in the last degree of Scorpio (also in the 7th). Notorious for his envy (of other artists), he obsessively imitated the works of Michelangelo whom he saw as a rival, and he tried to sabotage Benvenuto Cellini's career. Bandinelli's Venus (arts, values, relationships) ruled his Ascendant from Pluto's domain: the 8th House. His Venus was also conjunct Michelangelo's Ascendant.

BIRTH DATA: Bartolommeo Brandini, 12 November 1493 OS, 15:25 (3:25 PM) LMT (-0:45), Florence, Italy (43n46, 11e15). ASC: 8 Taurus. RR: B (from biography, but birth records are indicated). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield cites birth documents quoted in "Baccio Bandinelli and art at the Medici court: a corpus of early modern sources, Volume 251" by Louis Alexander Waldman (American Philosophical Society, 2004), p. 7: "born in Florence (an hour before sunset) and baptized the following day . . . In the earlier literature BB's birthdate was often given as 1488, based on the erroneous assumption that the baptismal record of his uncle, Bartolomeo di Viviano di Bartolomeo, dated 7 October 1488 (Doc. 11), referred to him. In the 'Libri d'età' of the Archivio delle Tratte, however, the correct birthdate is corroborated: 'Messer Bartolomeo di Michelagnolo di Viviano Bandinelli adì 12 di novembre 1493' (ASF, Tratte, 81 [ex 444bis], fol. 9). 21. 1493, November 13." Scholfield calculates sunset at 4:25pm so an hour earlier makes 3:25pm.

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