Wednesday 31 July 2013

Kim Fowley (American record producer, singer, impresario, songwriter, musician, filmmaker, radio actor)

* Kim Fowley is best known for his role behind a string of novelty and cult pop rock singles in the 1960s, and for managing the all-female rock band The Runaways in the 1970s. He has the very musical and female combination of Venus in Cancer in the 4th House (at the apex of a Cardinal T-square involving an opposition of the ruling Moon and Jupiter). Fowley has been described as "one of the most colorful characters in the annals of rock & roll" and as "a shadowy cult figure well outside the margins of the mainstream." His tight T-square involves Mars in the last degree of Capricorn opposite Pluto in the first degree of Leo, all square Saturn in the first degree of Taurus. There's enough tension in that pattern alone to make for a very driven and compelling personality, not to mention Pluto conjunct Sun (his autobiography is called Lord of Garbage).

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* Read more about Kim Fowley's fascinating life at his very long Wikipedia biography.


BIRTH DATA: Kim Vincent Fowley, 21 July 1939, 21:46 (9:46 pm) PST (+8), Los Angeles, California, USA (34n03, 118w14). ASC: 25 Pisces. RR: A/B (from him in an autobiography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (©) quotes Kim Fowley, Lord of Garbage (New York: Kicks, 2012): "July 21, 1939. That was the day . . . KIM FOWLEY—Kim Vincent Fowley—did show up, kicking and screaming, ejected at precisely 9:46 PM from the loins of debutante-cum-starlet Shelby Payne, at St. Vincent's Hospital in Los Angeles. Shelby's first child. Doug Fowley's first son."

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