Tuesday 2 July 2013

Camille du Gast, 1868-1942 (French celebrity of the Belle Epoque)

* Camille du Gast ― pioneering feminist, "Amazon" and arguably "the greatest sportswoman of all time" ― had both Mars and Pluto all but unaspected in the 11th House. Competitive Mars ruled Jupiter and Neptune in trail-blazing Aries in the 10th House of accomplishments.


Camille du Gast, Marie Marthe Camille Desinge du Gast, Camille Crespin du Gast (30 May 1868 – 24 April 1942) was one of a trio of pioneering French female celebrities of the Belle Epoque, together with Hélène de Rothschild (Baroness Hélène van Zuylen) and Anne de Rochechouart de Mortemart (the duchesse d’Uzès). She was known as one of the richest and most accomplished widows in France, being a balloonist, a parachute jumper, an accomplished sportswoman, fencer, tobogganist, skier, rifle and pistol shot, horse trainer, concert pianist and singer. She was the second woman to compete in an international motor race.

Read more from her Wikipedia biography.

Photo Credit: Camille du Gast - c.1900 publicity photograph for a piano recital.


BIRTH DATA: Marie Marthe Camille Desinge, 30 May 1868, 05:00 (5 a.m.) LMT (-0:09:20), Paris, France (48n52,02e20). ASC: 23 Gemini. RR: AA (from birth record). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes birth certificate no. 2393 at the Parisian archives, 10e arr.

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