Tuesday 7 May 2013

Data Update: Theodore Dreiser, 1871–1945 (American novelist, journalist)

* Theodore Dreiser's autobiography of his youth contains his time of birth, raising the Rodden Rating of his data from "C" to "A."

Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser (August 27, 1871 – December 28, 1945) was an American novelist and journalist of the naturalist school. His novels often featured main characters who succeeded at their objectives despite a lack of a firm moral code, and literary situations that more closely resemble studies of nature than tales of choice and agency. Dreiser's best known novels include Sister Carrie (1900) and An American Tragedy (1925).

Read more from his Wikipedia biography.

Photo Credit: "Theodore Dreiser," 8 November 1933, Carl Van Vechten photograph collection, Library of Congress, Reproduction number LC-USZ62-42486.


BIRTH DATA: Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser, 27 August 1871, 08:30 (8:30 a.m.) LMT (+5:49:39), Terre Haute, Indiana, USA (39n28, 87w24). ASC: 10 Libra. RR: A (from him in an autobiography, apparently from family sources). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes a reprint of Dreiser's 1931 book, Dawn: An Autobiography of Early Youth (David R. Godine, 1998), p. 7: "Shortly after the mill debacle in Sullivan, my parents removed to Terre Haute, where I was born on August 27, 1871, at eight-thirty o'clock in the morning -- at which time the three Maytime Graces are said to have walked." Previously this data was rated C (original source not known) in Lois Rodden's AstroDataBank: "Church of Light quotes AFA 3/l959. Sabian Symbols No.194 has 8:27 AM."

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