Friday 15 April 2016

Jérôme Jarre (French entrepreneur, internet personality)

* Thanks to Marc Brun (merci beaucoup!) we have the data for Jérôme Jarre ( Jérôme Chappelet), who was the fourth most followed individual on Vine, as of June 2014 (currently he has over 8 million followers and a mind-boggling 1,406,962,445 Loops). The same month he became one of the first Snapchat celebrities. After starting several businesses in China and Canada, Jarre started posting videos on Vine the day of its launch. Thereafter he left his business to completely focus on Vine. In May 2013, he co-founded GrapeStory, a talent agency for Vine and Snapchat stars.

After being featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen asked him to cover the Red Carpet ceremony of the 86th Academy Awards, where he made multiple vines with Hollywood actors. Later he was hired by Canal+ to cover 2014 Cannes Film Festival. At the Tribeca Film Festival 2014, he was one of the jurors of the 6 second films competition. Jarre has made vines with several Hollywood artists including Robert De Niro, Pharrell Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller, Ansel Elgort, and Kristen Bell.

Jarre was strongly criticized by the Vine community for posting a Vine in which he played a kiss prank on John Stamos and Stamos returned the kiss. The vine was posted in June 2014, and the commenters "accused" him of being gay and threatened to unfollow him for it. Jarre posted a follow-up Vine video the next day to call out these individuals directly. In it, he claimed he's not gay, then proceeded to kiss a fellow Vine star Nicholas Megalis on the mouth to show support for the LGBT community.


BIRTH DATA: Jérôme Robert Alexis Chappelet, 12 June 1990, 07:55 (7:55 AM) CEDT (-2), Albertville, Savoie, France (45n41, 6e23). ASC: 18 Cancer. RR: AA. SOURCE: Sy Scholfield requested the birth certificate from Marc Brun who obtained and emailed him the birth record.

Copyright Sy Scholfield. All rights reserved in all media. Feel free to share with appropriate acknowledgment.

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