Sunday 19 January 2014

Stephen Fry (English comedian, actor, writer, presenter)

* With a very close and very powerful conjunction of the Sun and Pluto on his 29° Leo Ascendant, Stephen Fry holds sway over the masses. An acclaimed comedian, he has won an Emmy, his books are bestsellers and he wields considerable influence through Twitter, having over four million followers. On the flipside, he has bipolar disorder and has attempted suicide on a number of occasions. Humour is perhaps his greatest asset, while the sextile from Neptune in the first degree of Scorpio to his tight triple conjunction is his saving grace.


BIRTH DATA: Stephen John Fry, 24 August 1957, 06:00 (6 A.M.) BST (+1), Hampstead, England (51n34, 0w11) ASC: 29 Leo. RR: A/B (from Autobiography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes "Paperweight" by Stephen Fry (2004), p. 271: "[My car] is almost precisely my age, having been registered on 23 August 1957. I was born at six o'clock the following day, so today, you may like to note for future reference, is my birthday."

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