Friday, 26 June 2015

Megan Gale (Australian model, brand ambassador, fashion designer, actress)

* Aussie beauty, Megan Gale, has an English father and a mother of Maori descent. She won a modelling competition in Perth at 18, and later modelled for various Italian fashion houses and appeared in several Italian films. She was lauded in the Italian media as "The new Sophia Loren" (Gale and Loren each have Venus at 11° Virgo; i.e. exactly conjunct in their synastry!).

BIRTH DATA: Megan Kate Gale, 7 August 1975, circa 01:00 (1 AM) AWST (-8), Perth, Western Australia, Australia (31s57, 115e51). ASC: Taurus. RR: C. SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes Gale for her rising sign in "Princess Diary," Sunday Telegraph [Sydney], 12 Nov. 2006: "I'm a Leo but I think my true self is more like my rising sign, Taurus. I find my Leo qualities emerge when I'm working: I'm more flamboyant, more ambitious, confident and driven. At home I'm more Taurean: a bit earthier, but always stubborn."

NOTE: Taurus was rising from 12am to 2:02am and from 11:36pm to 12 midnight. The time of 1am is speculative. The Moon was in Leo throughout these periods.

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