Tuesday 11 November 2014

Maria Gomes Valentim (Brazilian supercentenarian)

* Maria Gomes Valentim was the oldest verified living person in the world for a while before her death from multiple organ failure on 21 June 2011 at the age of 114 years 347 days. Valentim was the only validated supercentenarian from Brazil and one of the 30 verified oldest people in history. I always say that Cancer is the strongest sign in the zodiac; in Valentim's case tenaciously holding on to life and not giving in until the very end. Valentim had both luminaries and Venus in Cancer (all in the 4th house no less), with Venus ruling Mars, the ruler of her Aries ascendant.

BIRTH DATA: Maria Gomes da Silva, 9 July 1896, 23:00 (11 PM) LMT (+2:48:08), Carangola (Minas Gerais), Brazil (20s4359, 42w0146). ASC: 3 Aries. RR: AA (BC in hand). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes birth certificate, copy found online: http://www.acessa.com/mulher/arquivo/noticias/2011/04/12-vo_quita/certidao.jpg; http://www.acessa.com/mulher/arquivo/noticias/2011/04/12-vo_quita

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