Wednesday 20 August 2014

Augustus II the Strong, Elector of Saxony

* Augustus II the Strong is famous for his great physical strength which earned him the nicknames "the Strong," "the Saxon Hercules" and "Iron-Hand." He lived up to his name by breaking horseshoes with his bare hands. That's certainly an interesting expression of Mars opposite Pluto. Augustus was also a voracious womanizer, bedding a string of mistresses over several decades and fathering as many as 382 children. His philandering Jupiter-Moon conjunction in Cancer is propelled by an opposition from Mars in Capricorn which also rules Venus in Aries on his North Node.

BIRTH DATA: 12 May 1670 (OS), 08:30 (8:30AM) LMT (-0:54:56), Dresden, Germany (51n03, 13e44). ASC: 1 Leo. RR: B (from biography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes "Geschichte der Bergstadt Geyer" by Johannes Falke (Burdach, 1863), p. 62: "Friedrich August (1.), geboren den 12. Mai 1670 Vormittags ½9 Uhr." Translation: Friedrich August I was born on 12 May 1670 in the morning at ½9 o'clock [8:30am].

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