Wednesday 22 October 2014

Christian Heinrich Heineken (German child prodigy)

* Christian Heinrich Heineken was known as "the infant scholar of Lübeck." When he was eight weeks old, he could speak German. He read the Pentateuch at age one, and between the ages of two and three, he read the Old and New Testament in Latin. When he was three years old, he was said to have authored A History of Denmark and recited it when visiting the King of Denmark later the same year. He died on 27 June 1725 at age four of coeliac disease.

Mercury in Capricorn is on the South Node in the first house indicating a prodigious intellect carried over from a previous life and brought to the fore. Moreover, Mercury is aspected by all three major outer planets: squared by Uranus and in a T-square with Neptune and Pluto. These planets were undiscovered in his short lifetime but it seems that he tapped into their energy anyhow.


BIRTH DATA: 6 February 1721, 05:30 (5:30 AM) LMT (-0:42:40), Lübeck, Germany (53n52, 10e40). ASC: 2 Capricorn. RR: B (from biography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes "between 5 and 6 o'clock in the morning" from the German biography "Leben, Thaten, Reisen und Tod eines sehr klugen und sehr artigen 4jährigen Kindes Christian Henrich Heineken aus Lübeck" by Christian von Schöneich (Vandenhoek, 1779), p. 1: "Christian Henrich Heineken ward geboren zu Lübeck, den 6 Febr. 1721, Morgens früh, zwischen 5 und 6 Uhr."

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