Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ben Webster, 1909-1973 (American musician)

* Ben Webster ― the influential American jazz tenor saxophonist nicknamed "Frog" ― had musical Neptune rising in the amphibious Scorpio decan of Cancer. Also known affectionately as "The Brute," he had the first degree of Aries on his MC plus a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Mars's sign.


Benjamin Francis Webster (March 27, 1909 – September 20, 1973) was considered one of the three most important "swing tenors" along with Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. Known affectionately as "The Brute", he had a tough, raspy, and brutal tone on stomps (with his own distinctive growls), yet on ballads he played with warmth and sentiment. Stylistically he was indebted to alto star Johnny Hodges, who, he said, taught him to play his instrument.

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BIRTH DATA: Benjamin Francis Webster, 27 March 1909, 12:02 (12:02 p.m.) CST (+6), Kansas City, Missouri, USA (39n05, 94w34). ASC: 18 Cancer. RR: B (from biography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes Frank Buchmann-Moller, Someone to Watch Over Me: The Life and Music of Ben Webster (University of Michigan Press, 2008), p. 2: "On March 27, 1909, at 12:02 P.M., at 2441 Highland Avenue, on the south side of the black ghetto [in Kansas City], Mayme Barker gave birth to a boy baptized Benjamin Francis Webster." A footnote indicates that the information came from family records.

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