Thursday 25 April 2013

Charles Angrand, 1854–1926 (French artist)

* Charles Angrand, known for his "muted palette" had a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

Charles Angrand (19 April 1854 – 1 April 1926) was a French artist who gained renown for his Neo-Impressionist paintings and drawings. He was an important member of the Parisian avant-garde art scene in the late 1880s and early 1890s.

Angrand's implementation of Pointillist techniques differed from that of some of its leading proponents. He painted with a more muted palette than Seurat and Signac, who used bright contrasting colours. As seen in Couple in the street, Angrand used dots of various colours to enhance shadows and provide the proper tone, while avoiding the violent colouration found in many other Neo-Impressionist works.

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Angrand had a distinctive mutual reception and trine between the Sun and Mars. The Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces suggests "a more muted palette."


BIRTH DATA: Charles Théophile Angrand, 19 April 1854, 11:00 (11 a.m.) LMT (-0:03:20), Criquetot-sur-Ouville, France (49n40, 00e50). ASC: 4 Leo. RR: AA (from birth certificate). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes the birth certificate at the online Seine-Maritime archive, #15: "19 Avril . . . né ce jour à onze heures du matin."

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