Sunday 24 March 2013

F. R. Scott (New Astrology data and chart)

* Canadian poet F.R. Scott's father wrote in his diary that his son was born at "5:50" and that he slept that afternoon so presumably the birth happened in the morning.

Francis Reginald Scott, CC, commonly known as Frank Scott or F. R. Scott (August 1, 1899 – January 30, 1985), was a Canadian poet, intellectual and constitutional expert. He helped found the first Canadian social democratic party, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, and its successor, the New Democratic Party. He won Canada's top literary prize, the Governor General's Award, twice, once for poetry and once for non-fiction. He was married to artist Marian Dale Scott.

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When I hear the words "poet" and "social democrat" I think "Neptune." Here Neptune is conjunct the Part of Fortune and sextile the Ascendant.


BIRTH DATA: 1 August 1899, O5:50 (5:50 a.m.), EST (+5), Quebec, Canada (46n49, 71w14). ASC: 23 Leo. RR=AA (from father's diary). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes Sandra Djwa, The Politics of the Imagination: A Life of F.R. Scott (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1987), p. 14: "ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1899, the Reverend F.G. Scott wrote in his diary:'Little Boy born at 5.50. Slept in afternoon. Dinner to Do-bell's.'" NB: His father did not state a.m. or p.m. but 5:50 p.m. would have been late afternoon not leaving much time for afternoon sleeping so presumably his son was born in the a.m.

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