Friday 26 June 2015

Max Meldrum, 1875–1955 (Scottish-Australian painter)

* Max Meldrum is known as the founder of Australian Tonalism, a representational style of painting that emerged in Melbourne during the 1910s, as well as for his portrait work, having won the Archibald Prize in 1939 and 1940.

Meldrum's unique theory of painting (Uranus on MC) was based on "the importance of tonal values and objective optical analysis, resulting in simple representational works characterised by a 'misty' or atmospheric quality" (nebulous Neptune is exactly opposite his Ascendant).

This pioneering artist also had the zero degree of Scorpio on his Ascendant and six planets (including Pluto opposite and ruling Jupiter-Mercury in Scorpio) all in a Fixed Grand Cross. Meldrum's "published theories of art created a storm in the Australian art world, and his school of painting attracted equally passionate followers and critics."


BIRTH DATA: Duncan Max Meldrum, 3 December 1875, 04:30 (4:30 AM) GMT (+0), Edinburgh, Scotland (55n57, 3w13). ASC: 00 Scorpio. RR: AA (From birth record). SOURCE: Caroline Gerard quotes birth record ("Born 4.30 and I’m fairly sure it was am"), requested by Sy Scholfield.

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