Monday 2 June 2014

Michael Zühlke‏ (German pornstar)

* What does a guy need to become a pornstar? Michael Zühlke‏ (alias Pornfighter Long John) has a 23.5 cm (9.25 inch) genital appendage which no doubt helped, but certainly so did his Scorpio stellium including Mars in the 9th House. Sagittarius and the 9th are all about abundance and excess. Zühlke‏ has Pisces on his ascendant ruled by Neptune in Sagg in the 9th: he has performed in or produced 2300 erotic films. Venus on the MC in Sagittarius can translate into physical intimacy with a lot of young females. Zühlke claims to have had sex with 4888 women, many times in gang-bangs. For the sheer sake of pleasure, Jupiter in Taurus (in mutual reception with Venus on the MC) can make for one very happy and very lucky guy. And perhaps also, a very worn out one!

BIRTH DATA: Michael Zühlke, 10 November 1976, 14:30 (2:30 pm) CET (-1), Berlin, Germany (52n30, 13e22). ASC: 19 Pisces. RR: B (from autobiography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes "23,5 cm harte Arbeit: Mein Leben als erfolgreichster deutscher Pornodarsteller" by Michael Zühlke and Christoph Brandhurst (Riva Verlag, 2012): "Der 10. November 1976. ... Nicht länger als nötig wollten sie im Kreißsaal der Berliner Charité herumstehen und noch viel weniger am nächsten Tag, ... um 14.30 Uhr, kam ich zur Welt." Abridged translation: On November 10, 1976 in the delivery room of the Berlin Charité (hospital), I came into the world at 14.30 o'clock.

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