Monday 13 May 2013

Ray Manzarek, 1939-2013 (American musician, singer, producer, film director, writer)

* The Doors' keyboardist, Ray Manzarek, has his Sagittarius Ascendant conjunct Jim Morrison's Sun, while Morrison's Aquarius Ascendant was conjunct Manzarek's Sun. The two men co-founded the legendary band in 1965.

Raymond Daniel Manczarek, Jr., known as Ray Manzarek (born February 12, 1939), is an American musician, singer, producer, film director, writer, and co-founder and keyboardist of The Doors from 1965 to 1973, Nite City from 1977–1978 and Manzarek-Krieger since 2001.

In 1962–1965, he studied in the Department of Cinematography at UCLA, where he met film student Jim Morrison. Forty days after finishing film school, thinking they had gone their separate ways, Manzarek and Morrison met by chance on Venice Beach in California. Morrison said he had written some songs, and Manzarek expressed an interest in hearing them, whereupon Morrison sang a rough version of "Moonlight Drive." Manzarek liked the songs and co-founded the Doors with Morrison at that moment.

The Doors lacked a bassist, so Manzarek usually played the bass parts on a Fender Rhodes piano. His signature sound is that of the Vox Continental combo organ, an instrument used by many other psychedelic rock bands of the era.

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BIRTH DATA: Raymond Daniel Manczarek, Jr., 12 February 1939, 03:30 (3:30 a.m.) CST (+6), Chicago, Illinois, USA (41n51, 87w39). ASC: 24 Sagittarius. RR: A (from him in his autobiography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (©) quotes Ray Manzarek, Light My Fire: My Life With the Doors (Berkley Boulevard, 2000): "Chicago, Illinois, the city of my birth -- on February 12, 1939 . . . My time of arrival on this planet was 3:30 A.M., smack dab in the middle of the hour of the wolf, and on Abraham Lincoln's birthday to boot."

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