Saturday 23 March 2013

Steven Sherer: Wife Murderer (New Astrology data and chart)

* Convicted murderer, Steven Sherer, was born at 6:57 A.M. according to "America's best true-crime writer," Ann Rule.

Steven Sherer, convicted in 2000 of the first degree murder of his wife Jami Sherer who disappeared ten years before. Sherer was convicted in a no body case by compelling circumstantial evidence.

Sentenced to 60 years in prison in Washington State, the Judge in the case stated 'he wanted to send Sherer away for a long time because he feared for society and for women should Sherer ever walk free again.'"

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A quadruple Neptune-Sun-Ascendant-Mars conjunction in Scorpio, say no more.


BIRTH DATA: Steven Frank Sherer, 4 November 1961, 06:57 (6:57 A.M.) PST (+8), Santa Maria, California, USA (34n01, 118w29). ASC: 19 Scorpio. RR=B (from biography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes Ann Rule, Empty Promises (New York, Simon & Schuster, 2001), p. 10: "Steven Frank Sherer was born at 6:57 A.M. on November 4, 1961, at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Hospital in Santa Maria, California. His father, David Kent Sherer, was twenty-two years old and worked as a bricklayer." Name, date and county checked at the online California births index.

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