Monday 10 June 2013

Papa Spyk (Belgian sportsman, model, stuntman)

* Papa Spyk had a sudden heart attack but happily lived to tell his tale. Saturn in Aquarius on his MC is trine his Mercury-Venus-Ascendant in Gemini.

Papa Spyk is a former professional rugby player, model, and Hollywood stuntman.

He appeared in films such as American Ninja, Tropical Heat and Red Scorpion, and he has charted his experiences in his book, A Naughty Thing Called Life. On 13 July 1997, he had a massive heart attack:

"At the hospital they discovered that I had had a severe heart attack and rushed me into surgery. They opened me up, taking out my ribcage, in which I still have the staples in. They saw that my aorta had exploded in half and had split from my heart all the way down to my legs. The Doctors told my Parents that they had to amputate both my legs because they had died due to the loss of blood flow to them. The reason that all this happened to me, was that I used steroids throughout my rugby career and it caused my blood pressure to go through the roof until my heart basically exploded. The steroids along with the recreational drugs such as cocaine, used in the entertainment industry caused a lethal cocktail, hence my heart attack."

To read about his recovery see his blog/website.


A massive heart attack caused by steroids and recreational drugs? Papa Spyk has Eris-Jupiter in the Leo (heart) decan of Aries at the apex of a Yod involving Mars (steroids) and Neptune (drugs).


BIRTH DATA: Edouard Gheur, 28 June 1963, 03:45 (3:45 a.m.) CET (-1), Liege, Belgium (50n38, 05e34). ASC: 24 Gemini. RR: A/B (from autobiography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes Papa Spyk, A Naughty Thing Called Life (Xlibris Corporation, 2011), p. 13: "I was born in Liege, Belgium at 3:45am on the 28th of June 1963."

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