Tuesday 11 June 2013

Marià Fortuny (Spanish, Catalan painter)

* Marià Fortuny ― noted for his "prescient loosening of brush-stroke and color" which "anticipates impressionist brushwork" ― had anticipatory Uranus on his MC in mutual reception with impressionistic Neptune.


Marià Fortuny i Marsal (June 11, 1838 – November 21, 1874), known more simply as Marià Fortuny or Mariano Fortuny, was the leading Catalan painter of his day, with an international reputation. His brief career encompassed works on a variety of subjects common in the art of the period, including the Romantic fascination with Orientalist themes, historicist genre painting, military painting of Spanish colonial expansion, as well as a prescient loosening of brush-stroke and color.

The greater influence of travel on Fortuny was his subsequent fascination with the exotic themes of the world of Morocco, painting both individuals and imagined court scenes. He visited Paris in 1868 and shortly afterwards married Cecilia de Madrazo, the daughter of Federico de Madrazo, who would become curator of the Prado Museum in Madrid. Together, they had a son, Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, who became a well-known fashion and tapestry designer.

Fortuny paintings are colorful, with a vivacious iridescent brushstroke that at times recalls the softness of Rococo painting but also anticipates impressionist brushwork.

Read more from his Wikipedia biography.

Photo Credit: Self portrait by Marià Fortuny (1863-73).


BIRTH DATA: Marià Josep Maria Bernat Fortuny i Marsal, 11 June 1838, 06:00 (6 a.m.) LMT (-0:04:28), Reus, Spain (41n09, 01e07). ASC: 10 Cancer. RR: AA (quoted birth record). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes Jean Charles Davillier, Life of Fortuny with His Works & Correspondence (Porter & Coates, 1885), pp. 9-10: "Mariano Fortuny was born at Reus, June 11th, 1838, at six in the morning ... Here is the literal translation of his baptismal certificate '... He was born at six o'clock, this morning. His parents were the married couple, Mariano Fortuny, cabinet maker, and his wife, Teresa Marsal.'"

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