Saturday 23 March 2013

Yves Tanguy (New Astrology Data and chart)

* According to the birth record of French surrealist painter, Yves Tanguy, he was born at 5:30 p.m.

Raymond Georges Yves Tanguy (January 5, 1900 – January 15, 1955), known as Yves Tanguy, was a French surrealist painter.

Yves Tanguy's paintings have a unique, immediately recognizable style of nonrepresentational surrealism. They show vast, abstract landscapes, mostly in a tightly limited palette of colors, only occasionally showing flashes of contrasting color accents. Typically, these alien landscapes are populated with various abstract shapes, sometimes angular and sharp as shards of glass, sometimes with an intriguingly organic look to them, like giant amoebae suddenly turned to stone.

Tanguy's style was an important influence on several younger painters, such as Roberto Matta, Wolfgang Paalen, and Esteban Francés, who adopted a Surrealist style in the 1930s. Later, Tanguy's paintings (and, less directly, that of de Chirico) influenced the style of the French animated movie Le Roi et l'oiseau, by Paul Grimault and Prévert.

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Alien landscapes? Venus rules earthy, landscapey Taurus, and here Venus is in alien-looking Aquarius, sextile its ruler, Uranus, no less.


BIRTH DATA: Raymond Georges Yves Tanguy, 5 January 1900, 17:30 (5:30 p.m.), Paris, France (48n52, 02e20). ASC: 00 Leo. RR=AA (from birth record). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes Tanguy's birth certificate, 8e, 6 January 1900, #64.

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