Saturday 21 February 2015

Philip Levine, 1928–2015 (Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet)

* Philip Levine died last Saturday morning (14 February 2015). I cannot find a precise time of birth for him, yet the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet writes in his poem "Let Me Begin Again" that he was born at night. A speculative birth time of 9 p.m. puts poetic Neptune at the end of the 12th House on the Ascendant alongside the Moon just into the 1st House.

BIRTH DATA: 10 January 1928, about 21:00 (9 PM) EST (+5), Detroit, Michigan, USA (42n20, 83w03). ASC: About 3 Virgo. RR: C (Rectified from approximate time). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield notes that in his poem "Let Me Begin Again" Levine infers that he was born at night: "1/10’28. Tonight I shall enter my life / after being at sea for ages, quietly, / in a hospital named for an automobile."

Note: He was born at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The time of 9pm is speculative.

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