Tuesday 17 February 2015

Anni Dewani (Swedish honeymooner, murder victim)

* On 13 November 2010, while on honeymoon in South Africa, newly-weds Shrien and Anni Dewani, from Bristol, were kidnapped at gunpoint in Gugulethu, a township near Cape Town. Shrien was released unharmed by his kidnappers, but only a few hours later Anni's brutally murdered body was found in the back seat of the taxi she had been travelling in. She had been shot in the neck.

Note: Sun in the first degree of Aries ruled by Mars in Libra on the Ascendant, with Mars in a stellium with Saturn and Pluto all in Libra in the 1st house.


BIRTH DATA: Anni Ninna Hindocha, 21 March 1982, 18:47 (6:47pm) CET (-1), Skövde, Sweden (58n24, 13e50). ASC: 6 Libra. RR: A (from father's memory). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield quotes from "Anni Dewani: A Fathers Story" by Vinod Hindocha (Mirror, 2015): "Anni Ninna Hindocha was born on March 21, 1982, at the stroke of 6.47pm, weighing 6lb 3oz. Those around us in the delivery unit at Skövde Hospital ..." Note: Not 12 March as given on Wikipedia.

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