Thursday 25 April 2013

Henri-Edmond Cross, 1856–1910 (French painter and printmaker)

* Henri-Edmond Cross, "most acclaimed as a master of Neo-Impressionism," had the masterly Sun in the last degree of artistic Taurus in the impressionistic 12th House.

Henri-Edmond Cross (20 May 1856 – 16 May 1910) played an important role in shaping the second phase of the Neo-Impressionism movement. He was very influential to Henri Matisse and many other artists, and his work was an instrumental influence in the development of Fauvism.

In 1891, Cross began painting in the Neo-Impressionist style, and exhibited his first large piece using this technique in an Indépendants show. That painting was a divisionist portrait of Madame Hector France, née Irma Clare, whom Cross had met in 1888 and would marry in 1893. Robert Rosenblum wrote that "the picture is softly charged with a granular, atmospheric glow".

Cross's paintings of the early- to mid-1890s are characteristically Pointillist, with closely and regularly positioned tiny dots of color. Beginning around 1895, he gradually shifted his technique, instead using broad, blocky brushstrokes and leaving small areas of exposed bare canvas between the strokes. The resulting surfaces of the paintings resembled mosaics, and the works may be seen as precursors to Fauvism and Cubism.

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Venus is either unaspected or widely conjunct both Uranus and Pluto at their midpoint, all in artistic Taurus.


BIRTH DATA: Henri-Edmond Delacroix, 20 May 1856, 05:30 (5:30 a.m.) LMT (-0:12:16), Douai, France (50n22, 03e04). ASC: 22 Gemini. RR: AA (from birth certificate). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (c) quotes the birth certificate at the online Nord archives, #233.

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