Friday 16 August 2013

Chris "Orbit" Brown (American magician)

* Chris "Orbit" Brown is a young Californian magician. He invented his first Algorithm when he was 23 after meeting Kim Peek, the original 'rain man.' Brown calls it, “The Rainman Algorithm” — in under 5 seconds after telling him your birthday he can tell you what day you were born on, what day you’ll turn 65, what it will be this year, and what it would have been 100 years prior. Brown presents many of his tricks on YouTube. He has Jupiter, Moon and Sun all in mathematical Pisces, all squared by uncanny Saturn in Sagittarius. The Sun (around which each planet of our star system makes its orbit) rules his Leo Ascendant.

Photo Credit: Unattributed promotional photo from Wonderland Artists & Events


BIRTH DATA: Christopher Douglas Brown, 9 March 1986, 15:53 (3:53 p.m.) PST (+8), Santa Clara, California, USA (37n20, 121w15). ASC: 22 Leo. RR: B (from official website biography). SOURCE: Sy Scholfield (©) quotes Brown's official website: "Chris Brown was born at 3:53 pm during a raining Sunday afternoon on March 9th, 1986 from parents Martha and Jim Brown in Santa Clara, CA at Kaiser Hospital." Full name from the California Birth Index.

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